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Creating a Release Tag

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Here are directions for creating a release from a linux system. Note that there are a couple of extra files for Win32 and Macintosh that aren't pulled by the normal script and need to be pulled by hand. The mini-branch is created so you can check in the build scripts with the necessary changes without touching the original branch.

  1. Check out Mozilla from the branch you want to tag. Remember to also check out extra Mac and Win32 files that aren't normally checked out on linux or the tag won't build on those platforms.
    cvs co -r NETSCAPE_6_2_RELEASE mozilla/ 
    cd mozilla
    gmake -f checkout
  2. Create a Mini Branch for the pull scripts on all three platforms so we can change them without changing anything on the original branch.
    cd ..
    cvs tag -b MOZILLA_0_9_4_1_RELEASE_MINI_BRANCH mozilla/ 
  3. Delete the existing build scripts and repull them from the mini-branch you just created.
    rm mozilla/
    cvs co -r MOZILLA_0_9_4_1_RELEASE_MINI_BRANCH mozilla/
  4. In each of the build scripts find the variables defining the branch and change it from the branch you originally pulled from to the new tag you are creating.
  5. Check the build scripts back in to the mini-branch.
    cvs ci mozilla/ 
  6. Create the tag.
    find . -type d \! -name CVS | xargs -l -P10 cvs tag  -l MOZILLA_0_9_4_1_RELEASE >& ../taglog

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