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  • MDC
    • Downloadable version for Offline use
  • How about a Cheat Sheet?
    • In respect to what, if I may ask?
  • JavaScript
    • New in JavaScript 1.8.6 (like this page: New in JavaScript 1.8.5)
    • >Introduction to Object-Oriented JavaScript (done)
    • Modifying Object Prototypes in JavaScript
    • Performance let vs. var should be added in one of Performance best practices in extensions or let and linked to each other. A statement on whether there's a difference between using var or let keywords should be added (no matter whether the performance is the same or different).
  • Introduction to AJAX (we have AJAX:Getting Started, but could use something more elaborate maybe)
  • SVG
    • Introduction to SVG: Part 1 What is SVG and how do I create SVG content
    • Introduction to SVG: Part 2 How can I (dynamically) handle/modify SVG content
    • SVG tutorial
  • Mozilla development
    • Short page talking about the subset of doxygen markup that we use in IDL files (done)
    • Docs for tree-wide preprocessor macros (NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS, NS_ASSERTION, NS_SUCCEEDED, NS_ADDREF, NS_RELEASE, etc.) -- probably their definitions if not too abstruse and a brief description of use
    • Docs for tree-wide types (PRBool, PRUint32, nsresult, whatever other non-class non-standard types are used)
    • 'Bird's-eye view' articles on the architecture of the browser, of mail&news, etc.
    • An up-to-date article outlining the process contributing code, linked from Developing Mozilla. (making sure the bug you're fixing is not invalid or wontfix, maybe checking that overall direction of the fix is correct (e.g. when implementing UI), making changes, testing, Creating a patch, picking r/sr/ui-r people, getting the patch checked in). See also Hacking Firefox --Nickolay 01:15, 27 January 2007 (PST)
    • step by step mozilla development on scratcbox
    • Document explaining what is common with respect to features and source code between the different projects like Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Camino, etc. Basically explaining how much reuse is there between these projects in terms of features and source code.
  • Miscellaneous. Unclear requests will be eventually deleted. This is not the place for Firefox feature requests.
    • Tips & Tricks for creating usable interfaces
    • Change "netwerk" to "network" in your folder structure, example.
    • Drag and Drop of objects within tabs (what does this mean?)
    • some doc/example for selectedIndex in Javascript DOM (which selectedIndex?)
    • a brief description of "mozilla-filesystem". Most rpm packages of Firefox depend on the "mozilla-filesystem" package. What is it? Googling that phrase alone turns up dozens of mentions of the above dependency with no further details. A search of "" yields no hits on the phrase "mozilla-filesystem".
    • Add any missing execCommand commands there may be. "enableInlineTableEditing" for example.