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Warning: This page is no longer used to track what MDN contributors are doing.

This table is a list of MDN contributors and what they're currently working on. Feel free to add yourself and what you're up to to this list, but keep in mind that we will purge out-of-date entries regularly, so if you choose to add yourself, do your best to keep your information current (even if all you do is update the "last updated" so we know you're keeping it current, despite your work taking a long time to finish).

Note: Don't add a new row for each status update; simply update the existing content. This isn't meant to track what you do over time, but simply to let interested parties know what your current work is.

Username Last Updated Status
Sheppy June 19, 2013 Ongoing work on MDN contributor guide. Gradually getting back into work on core B2G docs.
jswisher April 8, 2013 Contribution pathway for writing volunteers; Mozilla Reps SIGs for Evangelism and Documentation.
teoli April 9, 2013 Web Audio API; Maintaining CSS/HTML; Fx for devs
MarkGiffin April 8, 2013 App payments (in-app and paid apps); reference apps; packaged apps; managing your app.
Domecraft September 20, 2013 Contributions to docs involving Web development
Jeremie August 8, 2013 Keep going on WebAPI, now with a focus on various network APIs
madarche April 9, 2013 Plan to work on IndexedDB again in the next weeks/months, especially on IDBCursor and IDBCursorWithValue.
ScottMichaud November 6, 2013

Doing what I can with the gaming documentation.

Dbs April 20, 2013 Familiarizing myself with MDN tools, styles, and existing content
tregagnon June 25, 2013 Fixing many broken links between French translations and English source articles. (Thanks to SphinxKnight crawl reports)
justinpotts December 9, 2013 Adding tags to docs needing them
kscarfone July 25, 2013 Knock out the editorial reviews on all the pending Web API documentation for Firefox OS
Chandan1002 April 21,2014 Contributing to docs and translating to Hindi from English source articles.
kklein July 15, 2014 Contributing to docs and translating to German from English source articles.


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