Article page layout guide

An article is any page that explains or teaches something. These are non-reference pages which are also not landing pages. In general, if a page is primarily prose and/or sample code, it's an article. These pages typically involve prose, optionally interspersed with code snippets, live samples, and/or screenshots and other images. Article pages include tutorials, guides, and other how-to type documents.

Multi-article tutorials

When creating a series of related articles, such as a multi-page tutorial, there are some special guidelines to follow:

  • The first page should offer a list of prerequisites; that is, a list of things the reader should already know and what pre-existing code they need from previous examples, if any.
  • Each part of the article series, if it builds upon code from an earlier part, should offer a download link to quickly get that code.
  • Each article should have "previous" and/or "next" links at both the top and the bottom of the article. Use the macros Previous, Next, and PreviousNext.

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