XTech 2006 Presentations


JavaScript 2 and the Future of the Web - Brendan Eich
JavaScript 2 will be finalised in 2007. To help migration an open source JS2-to-JS compiler is being developed, making JS2 a reality in 2006. Work on this compiler and the new features of JS2 is presented by the inventor of JavaScript.
Layout Algorithm Improvements for Web User Interfaces (slides, slides as one page) - David Baron
A discussion of problems with existing standards and potential improvements in two areas: layout systems for user interfaces (rather than documents) and mechanisms for reordering content to allow the author to use good markup and appropriate layout.
Microsummaries in Firefox and on the Web - Myk Melez
Microsummaries are regularly-updated compilations of the most important and timely information on web pages. This talk demonstrates how Firefox will incorporate microsummaries into its UI, starting with bookmark labels.
SVG and Canvas: Graphics for Web Apps - Vladimir Vukićević
This presentation examines some of the strengths and weaknesses of the HTML 'canvas' and SVG for adding rich graphical capabilities to web applications. Future browser graphics capabilities, both 2D and 3D, are also discussed.
Converging Rich-Client and Web Application Development with Mozilla XULRunner (Open Office format) - Benjamin Smedberg
This presentation demonstrates the convergence of rich-client and web application development and discuss application deployment using Mozilla XULRunner.
Etna, a WYSIWYG XML RELAX NG- and Gecko-based editor - Daniel Glazman
This presentation describes Etna, a new Wysiwyg XML editor based on Gecko, the RELAX NG parser and validator Disruptive Innovations implemented for it and its Query API, and RELAX NG extensions that were necessary to solve very old and well known problems in markup languages. An HTML version of the paper is available here.

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