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  • The "BugAThon" is defunct; that page should instead redirect to something about bugdays and testdays on The page on dev.m.o should be deleted.
  • This shouldn't hold up the redirecting process, but on a few of these pages, HTML examples aren't rendering properly. This is a regression. The fix is to upload screenshots.
Gecko - Coding Help Wanted!
Gecko Coding Help Wanted
Layout Engine Technical Documentation (on www.m.o) 
Block & Line Cheat Sheet
Block and Line Layout Cheat Sheet
Gecko Overview (slides) 
Introduction to Layout in Mozilla
Notes on HTML Reflow
Notes on HTML Reflow
Mozilla Style System Documentation
Mozilla Style System Documentation
Style System Tech Talk (slides) 
Style System Overview
Diving into the cellmap
Table Cellmap
Notes about the layout strategy in mozilla
Table Layout Strategy
Layout Engine Technical Documentation (on lxr.m.o) 
Adding a new style property - layout cookbook
Adding a new style property
Space Manager Detailed Design
Space Manager Detailed Design
Debugging facilities in HTML-table code
Debugging Table Reflow
Debugging Frame Reflow HowTo (and its copy
Debugging Frame Reflow
Space Manager High Level Design
Space Manager High Level Design
Layout Technical Documentation: Primary Index
Gecko Documentation Primary Index
Layout System Overview
Layout System Overview
Layout Documentation Overview
Gecko Documentation Overview
Table Regression Tests (and its copy
Table Layout Regression Tests
Table Reflow Internals Tech Talk (slides) 
Table Reflow Internals

Everything else

Obsolete; should be gone
Obsolete; should be gone
Obsolete; should be gone
Obsolete; the newer content is
Obsolete; should be gone
Obsolete; should be gone
Creating XPCOM Components -- do not redirect yet
Mozilla_Embedding_FAQ -- do not redirect yet ->
Gecko DOM Reference
MDC:Needs_Redirect/DOM Reference for the full list

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MDC:How to Help (see bug 308518#c17)

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Hacking Mozilla DOM --Nickolay 15:56, 27 September 2007 (PDT)
Hacking Mozilla DOM --Nickolay 15:56, 27 September 2007 (PDT)

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