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The Tab object is only available to privileged code running on Firefox for Android, and is intended for use by Firefox for Android add-ons.


The Tab object represents a browser tab, and provides access to the browser and the DOM content window hosted by that tab.

You access Tab objects from the BrowserApp object. BrowserApp provides access to all tabs through its tabs property, and to the currently selected tab through its selectedTab property.


An identifier for this tab.
The XUL browser object hosted by this tab.
The DOM content window hosted by this tab.


This function retrieves the array of open tabs from BrowserApp, then fetches each tab's DOM content window, and logs the title of the DOM document loaded into the window:

function logTabTitles(window) {
  var tabs = window.BrowserApp.tabs;
  tabs.forEach(function(tab) {

This function retrieves the selected tab, then retrieves its browser property, which it uses to log the current tab's session history:

function logSelectedTabHistory(window) {
  var tab = window.BrowserApp.selectedTab;
  var enumerator = tab.browser.sessionHistory.SHistoryEnumerator;
  while (enumerator.hasMoreElements()) {
    var historyEntry = enumerator.getNext().QueryInterface(Components.interfaces.nsIHistoryEntry);

If you want to retrieve the selected tab's URL, use this code:

var url = window.BrowserApp.selectedTab.browser.currentURI.spec;

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