Provides helper functions for working with platform internals like frames and browsers.


Module exports create function that takes the nsIDOMDocument of a privileged document and creates a browser element in its documentElement:

let { open } = require('sdk/window/utils');
let { create } = require('sdk/frame/utils');
let window = open('data:text/html,Foo');
let frame = create(window.document);

Optionally create can be passed set of options to configure created frame even further.

Execution of scripts may easily be enabled:

let { open } = require('sdk/window/utils');
let { create } = require('sdk/frame/utils');
let window = open('data:text/html,top');
let frame = create(window.document, {
  uri: 'data:text/html,<script>console.log("running");</script>',
  allowJavascript: true



create(document, options)

Creates a XUL browser element in a privileged document.


document : nsIDOMDocument

options : object
Optional options:

Name Type  
type String

String that defines access type of the document loaded into it. Defaults to "content". For more details and other possible values see documentation on MDN

uri String

URI of the document to be loaded into the new frame. Defaults to about:blank.

remote Boolean

If true separate process will be used for this frame, and all the following options are ignored.

allowAuth Boolean

Whether to allow auth dialogs. Defaults to false.

allowJavascript Boolean

Whether to allow Javascript execution. Defaults to false.

allowPlugins Boolean

Whether to allow plugin execution. Defaults to false.


frame : The new browser element.

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