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Helper functions for working with favicons.



getFavicon(object, callback)

Takes an object that represents a page's URL and returns a promise that resolves with the favicon URL for that page. The object can be a URL String or a Tab. The platform service (mozIAsyncFavicons) retrieves favicon data stored from previously visited sites, and as such, will only return favicon URLs for visited sites.

let { getFavicon } = require("sdk/places/favicon");

// String example
getFavicon("").then(function (url) {
  console.log(url); //

// Tab example
  url: "",
  onReady: function (tab) {
    getFavicon(tab).then(function (url) {
      console.log(url); //

// An optional callback can be provided to handle
// the promise's resolve and reject states
getFavicon("", function (url) {
  console.log(url); //

object : string|tab
A value that represents the URL of the page to get the favicon URL from. Can be a URL String or a Tab.

callback : function
An optional callback function that will be used in both resolve and reject cases.


promise : A promise that resolves with the favicon URL.

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