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HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

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I'm still HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is used for creating and visually representing a webpage.

HTML adds "markup" to standard English text. "Hyper Text" refers to links that connect Web pages to one another, making the World Wide Web what it is today. By creating and uploading Web pages to the Internet, you become an active participant in the World Wide Web.HTML supports visual images and other media as well. HTML is the language that describes the structure and the semantic content of a web document. Content within a web page is tagged with HTML elements such as <img>, <title>, <p>, <div>, <picture>, and so forth.  These elements form the building blocks of a website.

The articles here provide reference materials for web development.

  • HTML reference

    In our extensive reference, you'll find the details on each element and attribute that makes up HTML.

  • HTML guide

    For articles about how to use HTML, as well as tutorials and complete examples, check out our HTML developer guide.

  • HTML introduction

    If you're new to Web development, be sure to read our introduction to what HTML is and how to use it.


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Guides and tutorials

HTML developer guide
MDN articles demonstrating specific techniques you can use when building Web content with HTML, as well as tutorials and other material you may find handy.

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