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Primero que todo, Si estás viendo un problema con la documentación, tú siempre te deberías de sentir libre de corregirlo tu mismo. Simplemente registrate usando PersonaGithub, Luego has click en cualquier botón Editar azúl para abrir el editor y ingresar la palabra a contribuir en la documentación MDN. La documentación acá es una wiki,y es supervisada por un equipo de voluntarios y personal pagado, tan no esté tímido su gramática no tiene que ser perfecta. Lo limpiaremos si usted hace un error; ningún daño se a hecho!

para obtener más información sobre comó contribuir a la documentación MDN consulte:

unirse a la conversación



Utilizamos Internet Relay Chat (IRC) para conversar sobre el MDN y su contenido. Puede unirse a la conversación! Tenemos varios canales para elegir, dependiendo de su área específica de interés:

MDN site (#mdn)
This channel is for general discussion of MDN. If you're not sure where to look for help, or what your problem involves, you can ask here! This channel is used to discuss  documentation content. If you have questions or comments about article content, new articles you'd like to see or create, or just want to talk with the writing team, this is the place to be.
Documentation site development (#mdndev)
The #mdndev channel is where we talk about the development work of the platform that runs the MDN site. If you have problems with the site's functionality, or ideas for features, you can join us here to talk about it.


Longer-term discussions happen on our mailing list, dev-mdc@lists.mozilla.org. You can post to the list without subscribing to it, but in that case, your post must be approved by a moderator, which means it will take longer for others to see it. You can view and post to dev-mdc via your choice of formats:

Report an issue

Documentation issues

If you see a problem in the documentation and can't fix it yourself for any reason, you can report the issue! You can use this form for any documentation issue at all, whether it's a simple correction or a request for an entirely new piece of content. As mentioned before, we invite you to contribute the changes yourself, but this option is available for you as well.

Site issues

If you encounter problems with the MDN web site, or have ideas for new features for the site,  you can submit a ticket to the MDN development team.

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