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Returns a string representation of a JSVersion value.


const char *
JS_VersionToString(JSVersion version);
Name Type Description
version JSVersion Version value to convert.


JS_VersionToString attempts to convert the version to a const char * string representation. JS_VersionToString may return any of the following values:

Enumeration String
JSVERSION_1_0 "1.0" Obsolete since JSAPI 24
JSVERSION_1_1 "1.1" Obsolete since JSAPI 24
JSVERSION_1_2 "1.2" Obsolete since JSAPI 24
JSVERSION_1_3 "1.3" Obsolete since JSAPI 24
JSVERSION_1_4 "1.4" Obsolete since JSAPI 24
JSVERSION_1_5 "1.5" Obsolete since JSAPI 24
JSVERSION_1_6 "1.6"
JSVERSION_1_7 "1.7"
JSVERSION_1_8 "1.8"
Other NULL

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