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Gabung di Komunitas MDN

Terjemahan ini belum lengkap. Mohon bantu menerjemahkan artikel ini dari Bahasa Inggris.


MDN (yang merupakan singkatan dari jaringan pengembang Mozilla) lebih dari wiki: Ini adalah komunitas pengembang bekerja sama untuk membuat MDN sumber daya yang luar biasa bagi para pengembang yang menggunakan teknologi Web terbuka. "Pekerjaan" yang terjadi di situs MDN, tapi "komunitas" juga terjadi melalui (asynchronous) diskusi dan (sinkron) chat online.

Kami akan senang jika kamu berkonstribusi di MDN, tapi kami akan lebih senang jika kamu berpartisipasi didalam komunitas MDN. Berikut adalah cara untuk bisa terhubung, ada tiga langkah mudah:

  1. Buat akun MDN.
  2. Berlangganan diskusi dev-mdc.
  3. masuk ke IRC.

Buat akun MDN

To make any changes to content on MDN, you need an MDN profile. Don't worry, you don't need a profile if all you intend to do is read and search MDN! This simple guide helps you set up your MDN profile.

Why does MDN need my email address?

Your email address is used for account recovery, and if needed by MDN administrators to contact you about your account or your activity on the site.

In addition, you can optionally sign up for notifications (such as when specific pages are changed) and messages (for example, if you opt to join our beta testing team, you might receive email about new features that need testing).

Your email address is never displayed on MDN and will be used only in accordance with our privacy policy.

NOTE: If you login to MDN via Github, and you use a "noreply" email address on Github, you will not receive messages (including notifications when you subscribe to pages) from MDN.
  1. At the top of every page on MDN you'll find a button labeled "Sign in with". Point your mouse at this (or tap on it, if you're on a mobile device) to display a list of the authentication services we support for signing into MDN.
  2. Select a service to sign in with. Any service you choose here other than Persona will be listed on your public profile.
  3. Follow that service's prompts to connect your account to MDN.
  4. Once the authentication service returns you to MDN, you'll be prompted by MDN to enter a username and email address. Your username will be displayed publicly to credit you for the work you've done. Do not use your email address as your username.
  5. Click the "Create my MDN profile" button.
  6. If the email address you specified in step 4 isn't the same one you use with the authentication service, you'll need to check your email and click the link in the confirmation email we'll send you.

That's it! You've got an MDN account, and you can immediately edit pages!

You can click on your name at the top of any MDN page to see your public profile. From there, you can click the "Edit" button to make changes or additions to your profile so you can share more about your interests, add links to your Twitter account or blog, and so forth.

Note: New usernames can't contain spaces or the "@" character. Keep in mind that your username will be displayed publicly to identify the work you've done!


Bergabung milis kami

untuk berbagi informasi dan memiliki diskusi yang sedang berlangsung, Mozilla memilki beberapa milis yang berguna. Berikut yang khusus untuk MDN adalah:

Daftar ini adalah di mana kita memiliki diskusi yang sedang berlangsung tentang dokumentasi di MDN. Kami berbicara tentang perubahan proses, perbaikan yang kami buat, dan kami memilah-milah siapa yang ingin bekerja di mana konten. Ini sangat disarankan agar Anda bergabung daftar ini jika Anda tertarik serius menyelam ke dokumentasi di MDN!
Daftar ini adalah di mana kita memegang diskusi tentang pekerjaan pengembangan pada platform Kuma yang mendasari MDN ini. Jika anda penasaran tentang pekerjaan pengembangan yang terjadi di belakang layar, ingin terlibat dalam proses pembuatan decsisions tentang platform, atau bekerja pada patch untuk memperbaiki platform, Anda pasti harus terlibat dalam daftar ini.
Milis ini digunakan untuk membantu memutuskan prioritas pengembangan MDN. ini umumnya digunakan untuk diskusi apa yang harus dikerjakan selanjutnya, dan di mana kami pergi untuk menarik perhatian tim pengembangan ketika sebuah masalah serius perlu diperbaiki, setelah kita mengajukan bug untuk masalah ini.

Ada juga beberapa daftar khusus untuk masyarakat lokalisasi MDN. Jika komunitas anda sangat besar dan aktif, anda mungkin bisa mendapatkan daftar dibuat untuk komunitas anda; hanya meminta kami dan kami akan melihat ke dalamnya. Saat ini, bahasa ini memiliki daftar: Spanyol, Jepang dan Portugis.

Mengapa "dev-mdc"? Di masa lalu, ini dikenal sebagai "Mozilla Developer Center", atau MDC. Milis berawal dari masa itu, jadi dev-mdc. Ada juga dev-mdn mailing list, yaitu untuk diskusi tentang pengembangan platform Kuma yang MDN berjalan pada. Anda dipersilakan untuk bergabung itu juga, tapi itu tidak diperlukan jika Anda hanya tertarik pada konten MDN.

Masuk ke IRC

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) adalah metode pilihan untuk hari-hari chatting dan waktu nyata diskusi di antara anggota masyarakat. Kami menggunakan beberapa saluran pada server untuk diskusi yang berkaitan dengan MDN.

This channel is our primary channel for discussing the content of MDN. We talk about writing, organization of content, and so on. We also have "water cooler" conversations here—it's a way our community can keep in touch and just hang out. This is also the place to talk about other aspects of MDN (other than development of the platform), such as Demo Studio, profiles, and so on.
This channel is where our development team—the people that write the code that makes MDN work—hangs out and discusses their day-to-day work. You're welcome to join in and either participate in the development or simply ask questions about issues you see with the software.

These channels are most likely to be active during weekdays in North America.

If you're not familiar with IRC, the quickest way to join is using Scrollback - a web-based IRC client that is pre-configured with the mdn and mdndev channels. You may also want to learn more about IRC and use an installable IRC client such as ChatZilla. It is implemented as a Firefox add-on, which makes it quick and easy to install and use.

Join our biweekly meetings (and other events)

Every other week, the MDN community holds an IRC-based meeting to exchange notes, talk about what we've been doing, and sort out what we'd like to do for the next two weeks. We also talk about development plans for the MDN platform itself, and often get updates about new and upcoming features of the site. These are casual, fun meetings, and everyone's welcome to participate.

See the MDN Community Meetings page on the Mozilla wiki for details on the schedule as well as agendas and notes for past and upcoming meetings.

See the MDN Events calendar for these and other meetings, doc sprints, and other events.

Project administrators

You can contact an MDN project administrator by email. If you wish to talk to the MDN documentation lead, his name is Eric Shepherd, and he's happy to try to answer your questions, or help you find the right person to do so.

Next steps

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