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"Acessibilidade é mais frequentemente usada para decrever facilidades ou comodidades para ajudar pessoas com incapacidades, como numa "cadeira de rodas acessível". Isto pode ser extendido para sinais em Braille, rampas de cadeira de rodas, sinais de áudio nas faixas de pedestres, contornos de passagem, projeto de um website, e daí por diante." [1]


ARIA: Accessible Rich Internet Applications
ARIA, formerly known as DHTML accessibility, allows desktop-style widgets such as tree views, menu bars and spreadsheets which are accessible both with the keyboard and assistive technologies such as screen readers, screen magnifiers and alternative input devices. It also allows authors describe live changes on a web page, to help screen readers know when to announce those changes.
Accessible XUL Authoring Guidelines
When authored according to these guidelines, XUL is capable of generating accessible user interfaces. Coders, reviewers, designers and QA engineers should be familiar with these guidelines.
Building accessible custom components in XUL
How to use DHTML Accessibility techniques to add accessibility to your custom XUL components.
Software Accessibility Today
The accessibility of computer software has seen drastic improvements over the past two decades. This article reviews the progress and technology as it has developed.
Key-navigable custom DHTML widgets, in Mozilla and IE
Until now, web developers who want to make their styled <div> and <span> based widgets keyboard accessible have lacked the proper techniques. Keyboard accessibility is part of the minimum accessibility requirements of which any web developer should be aware.
Accessible Web Page Authoring
A handy web accessibility checklist, from IBM.
Dive into Accessibility
This book answers two questions. The first question is "Why should I make my web site more accessible?" The second question is "How can I make my web site more accessible?"

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