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HTML is a major Web technology that defines the structure of a webpage. If you're looking to build websites, you should know about HTML.

It's not hard to pick up the basics, but HTML is also a broad technology with many complex features, so there isn't one correct learning pathway. We suggest you start with the following pages to pick up some skills and knowledge. Move from the first basic skill to the last advanced skill, or just pick a page that looks interesting to you!

The basics

Start here if you aren't familiar with HTML:

Introduction to HTML
If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in your Web browser, here's where you can start learning.
Solve common problems with HTML
This series of articles is here to help use HTML to solve very common problems when creating a webpage: Dealing with titles, adding images or videos, emphazing content, starting using form, etc.
Write a simple page in HTML
In this article you will learn how to create a simple webpage.
What are HTML tags and how to use them
This article covers the very basics of HTML. Find out what tags are and how to use them.

In depth

Once you're a bit more used to HTML, here's some more detailed stuff to explore:

HTML reference
In our extensive reference guide, you'll find details about each HTML element and attribute.


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