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The Document.fullscreenElement read-only property returns the Element that is currently being presented in full-screen mode in this document, or null if full-screen mode is not currently in use.

Although this property is read-only, it will not throw if it is modified (even in strict mode); the setter is a no-operation and it will be ignored.


var element = document.fullscreenElement;

On return, element is the element that is currently in full-screen mode, or null if full-screen mode isn't currently in use by the document.


function isVideoInFullsreen() {
  if (document.fullscreenElement && document.fullscreenElement.nodeName == 'VIDEO') {
    console.log('Your video is playing in fullscreen');


Specification Status Comment
Fullscreen API
The definition of 'Document.fullscreenElement' in that specification.
Living Standard Initial definition

Browser compatibility

Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Basic support ? 9.0 (9.0)[1]
47.0 (47.0)[2]
? ? ?
Feature Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
Basic support ? 9.0 (9.0)[1]
47.0 (47.0)[2]
? ? ?

[1] Implemented as mozFullScreenElement.

[2] Gecko 47.0 (Firefox 47.0 / Thunderbird 47.0 / SeaMonkey 2.44) implemented this API behind the preference full-screen-api.unprefix.enabled, defaulting to false.

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