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Page Inspector

In the markup view:

When selecting elements:

  • Shift + click to select an element but keep selecting (picker mode doesn't disengage).
  • Use / to navigate to parents/children elements (if they're hard to select).

In the rules view:

  • Click the inspector icon () next to any selector to highlight all elements that match it.
  • Click the inspector icon () next to the element{} rule to lock the highlighter on the current element.
  • Right-click any property and select "Show MDN Docs" to view the MDN docs for this property.
  • Click on the filter icon () next to an overridden property to find which other property overrides it.
  • Right-click on a name, value, or rule to copy anything from the name, the value, the declaration or the whole rule to your clipboard.

Web Console

In all panels:

  • Esc opens the split console; useful when debugging, or inspecting nodes

In the command line:

In the console output:


  • Skip JavaScript libraries in debugging sessions via the black box icon (Icon for black boxing a JavaScript source).
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+F to search in all scripts.
  • Press Ctrl+D to search for a function definition.
  • Press Ctrl+L to go to a specific line.

Style Editor

  • The black box icon (Icon for black boxing a JavaScript source) in the style sheet pane toggles the visibility of a style sheet.
  • Click an @media rule to apply it in Responsive Design Mode.
  • Click the import button (Button to import a style sheet from the file system) to import a style sheet or the create button (Button to create a new style sheet) to create a new one.
  • Click the options button in the style sheet pane and click "Show original sources" to toggle the display of CSS preprocessor files.

Network Monitor

Storage Inspector

  • Right-click the column headers to open a menu allowing to toggle the display of the columns.
  • Right-click an entry and click "Delete name" to delete it or "Delete All" to delete all entries.
  • Select an entry to see the parsed value of it in the sidebar.

Developer Toolbar

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