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Search and filter

To search for items inside the debugger, use the script filter in the toolbar:

Just typing into the filter without any prefix will search for the filenames of the sources listed in the Source list pane. Press Enter or use arrow keys to view the source of the matched file name.

By prefixing the filter expression with one of several special characters, the filter provides various different functions.

Prefix Function
None Filter the scripts shown in the source list pane.
! Search for the string across all files.
@ Search for function definitions, across all files, containing the string.

Search for the string in the file currently open in the source pane.

Hitting the Enter key after searching will cycle between the matches found.

: Go to the line given in the file currently open in the source pane.
* Filter the variables shown in the variables pane.

These options are shown in a pop-up when you click in the filter, and they're also accessible from the context menu in the source pane.

Prefixes can be combined to form more powerful queries. For example:

file.js:12 Open "file.js" and go to line 12
mod#onLoad Find the string "onLoad" in all files containing "mod" in their name.


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