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Install B2G OS in you device easily with B2G installer - a Firefox Add-on.

Note: All devices have the recommended build target below its name (see nickname or codenames). For example to build for Nexus 6 do ./ nexus-6-l. Device codenames where given directly by manufacturers. You can find it in build.prop file of a stock ROM.

Development Devices

These devices are official reference devices for developing B2G OS.

(Android version)
Z3 Compact (Kitkat)
Sony Shinano platform
Z3 (Kitkat)
Sony Shinano platform
Flame (Kitkat)
Nickname aries-kk leo-kk flame-kk
Build and installation information
Available in B2G Installer Yes No Yes

Community Supported Devices

Those devices are supported by community efforts. Feel free to help them !

Builds distribution frequency may vary depending of maintainers number and time available.

Working devices

These devices have builds available running B2G OS :

(Android version)
ZTE Open C Nexus 5 WileyFox Swift Fairphone 2
Nickname openc-fr / openc-ebay                            
Build and installation information

Available in B2G Installer


(but a buildbot is available)

Yes Yes Not yet, but almost done. Blobfull build working.

Work in progress

Work is going on to support these devices :

(Android version)
Sony Yukon platform
Z1 Compact (Lollipop)
Sony Rhine platform
Xiaomi Redmi 1S
Nickname flamingo-l amami-l armani
Build and installation information
Support status Blocked, problem with flashing tools Early building tests Early building tests

Devices with porting possibilities

This is a (non-exhaustive) list of devices with porting potential, thanks to available AOSP or Cyanogen Mod version, or because they supported Firefox OS until version 2.6.

Note: There aren't currently any ports for these phones, but it is possible to build B2G OS. See how to build section for more info. You are welcome to maintain these builds.

Nexus Devices

These devices are (almost) automatically supported by B2G OS because they are Google's reference devices for AOSP.

Nexus 6 Nexus 4

Sony Devices

These devices use Sony Mobile's Open Devices initiative, which aims to support all modern Xperia devices in AOSP.

These devices are built on a Lollipop AOSP base.

Right now most of the Sony devices are missing camera support. This depends on work in progress by Sony developers.
Also, we need contributors to maintain these ports.

Devices where support for B2G OS is ongoing are not listed here.

Sony Shinano Platform

Z3   Z3 Tablet Compact Z2
leo-l   scorpion-l sirius-l

Sony Rhine Platform

Rhine devices use a legacy NFC chip so this feature is currently missing. See bug 1226720 We need contributors to maintain these ports.


Sony Yukon Platform

T2 Ultra T3 M2
tianchi-l seagull-l eagle-l

CyanogenMod Supported Devices

Here be dragons! (To be completed)

Legacy Devices

Some old devices are no longer maintained by the community, but it is still possible for volunteers to keep them alive (Yay Open-Source!). Feel free to contact the team previously working on these devices to get some help.

No device here right now.

Obsolete Devices

Forget about these device's support if you have one.

Several old devices are no longer maintained for B2G OS , and we do not have a community to keep them alive. The current status of these devices is unknown, which probably means they cannot be built on B2G OS master branches.

Geeksphone Peak Geeksphone Keon ZTE Open TCL Fire
peak keon inari hamachi
Samsung Galaxy S2 Galaxy Nexus Nexus S Nexus S 4G
galaxy-s2 galaxy-nexus nexus-s nexus-s-4g
Foxconn InFocus Via Vixen Pandaboard Raspberry Pi
flatfish vixen pandaboard rpi

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