How to do a technical review

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Technical review consists of reviewing the technical accuracy and completeness of an article, and correcting it if necessary. If a writer of an article wants someone else to check the technical content of an article, the writer ticks the "Technical review" checkbox while editing. Often the writer contacts a specific engineer to perform the technical review, but anyone with technical expertise in the topic can do one.

This article describes how to go about performing a technical review, thereby helping to ensure that MDN's content is accurate.

কি করণীয়? Reviewing and correcting of articles for technical accuracy and completeness
Where does it need to be done? In specific articles that are marked as requiring a technical review.
What do you need to know to do the task?
  • Expert knowledge of the topic of the article you are reviewing.
  • Ability to edit a wiki article on MDN.
এটা করার ধাপ গুলি কি কি ?
  1. Pick an article to review:
    1. Go to the list of pages that need technical reviews. This lists all the pages for which an technical review has been requested.
    2. Choose a page whose topic you are very familiar with.
    3. Click on the article link to load the page.
  2. Once the page has loaded, click the EDIT button near its top; this puts you into the MDN editor. Don't hesitate to switch to a different page if the first one you choose doesn't suit you.
  3. While reading the article, fix any technical information is not correct, and add any important information that is missing.
  4. Enter a Revision Comment at the bottom of the article that describes what you did, like 'Technical review completed.' If you corrected information, include that in your comment, for example 'Technical review: fixed parameter descriptions.'
  5. Click the SAVE CHANGES button.
  6. Once the corrected article appears on-screen after the editor has closed, check the Technical entry on the side (under The following reviews have been requested) and click REVIEW COMPLETED.
  7. You're done!


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