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For historical reference, the rest of this page describes how you could maintain your own mirror - but almost everyone should be able to use the URL above.

Maintaining your own Mercurial mirror of mozilla-central

The rest of this page is for historical reference only - most people can ignore it and it's almost certainly out of date - refer to the information above.

The most commonly used Mercurial mirror is at

This repository is synced using hg-git. The git-mapfile for it is available at

Bootstrapping a hg-git repo

hg clone mozilla-central-hg-git

cd mozilla-central-hg-git/.hg


bunzip2 git-mapfile.bz2

git clone git:// --bare git

cd ../

# sync up what's left

hg gexport


 -R can be used for specifying a repository other than nearest .hg
e.g. hg -R ../mozilla-central-hg-git push .

Things that would be nice to be able to do

use try-server


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