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This article describes the parameters you can use when constructing place URIs. These URIs perform Places queries.

You can use a place URI as a bookmark. For example, if you right-click on the toolbar and choose "New Bookmark," you can enter a place URI there to create a new query on your toolbar that, when clicked, will reveal a popup containing the results of the query.

The following place URI is used to implement the "Most Visited" smart bookmark in the default set of smart bookmarks created when you first start using Firefox 3:


The parameters used in this query are:

This indicates that the query should look only at the user's history and not at bookmarks.
The sort parameter indicates that the query results should be listed in reverse numeric order, based on visit count. In other words, the most visited result will be first, and the least visited result last.
This parameter specifies that a maximum of 10 results should be returned by the query.

If you wanted to change this query to only consider visits that took place today, you could change it to:


The new parameters added here are:

Indicates that the beginTime parameter that follows is specified as relative to midnight this morning.
Specifies the amount of time, in microseconds, from midnight at which to begin looking for visits. By specifying zero for this value, we indicate that we wish to consider all visits that occurred today.

Query parameters

Here's a list of the parameters available that you can look for.

Parameter Type Description
beginTime unsigned long The time, in microseconds of the earliest result to return.
beginTimeRef unsigned long Indicates the type of reference specified in beginTime:
The time is relative to January 1, 1970 GMT. This is the default.
The time is relative to this morning at midnight. This is useful for queries relative to "today."
The time is relative to right now.
endTime unsigned long The time, in microseconds, of the latest result to return.
endTimeRef unsigned long Indicates the type of reference specified in endTime. The values are the same as for beginTime.
terms string The term to query.
minVisits long Filters results based on the minimum number of visits. Specify -1 (the default) to return all results, or any other number to only include results with a visit count higher than the given value.
maxVisits long Filters results based on the maximum number of visits. Only items that have been visited fewer than this number of times are included in the results. Specify -1 (which is the default) to not filter based on a maximum number of visits.
onlyBookmarked boolean If true, only bookmarked items are included in the results.
domainIsHost boolean If true, domain must be an exact match. Otherwise, anything that ends in domain is considered a match.
domain string Query for items matching this host or domain name. See domainIsHost for more information.
folder string The folder to query. This may be one of the following:
The Places root folder.
The Bookmarks menu.
The bookmarks toolbar.
Unfiled bookmarks
!annotation boolean Indicates whether to include or reject items matching the annotation specified by annotation. If true, items that don't have the specified annotation are rejected.
annotation string The annotation to match when querying.
uri string The URI to match.
uriIsPrefix boolean If false, the uri must be an exact match; this is the default. If true, any entry that begins with the specified URI is considered a match.
tag string .
!tags . .

Query operators

The following attributes allow you to control the results more precisely.

Operator Type Description
OR   This is the OR logical operator.
excludeItemIfParentHasAnnotation Obsolete since Gecko 13.0 string Items whose parent has this value as an annotation are excluded from the query results. This parameter is ignored for queries over history. For example, you can exclude livemark entries by specifying "livemark/feedURI" here.
excludeItems boolean If true, all URIs and separators are excluded from the bookmark query results, so that only folders and queries are returned. If false, all items are returned; this is the default.
excludeQueries boolean If true, queries are excluded from the results; however, simple folder queries like bookmark folder symlinks will still be included. false, the default, indicates that queries should be included in the results.
excludeReadOnlyFolders boolean If true, read-only folders are excluded from the results. This only affects cases in which the actual folder result node would appear in its parent folder. The default is false.
expandQueries boolean If true, place URIs appear as containers in the results, with the contents filled in from the stored query. This doesn't do anything if excludeQueries is true. The default is false, which causes place URIs to appear as normal items.
includeHidden boolean If true, items that would normally be hidden in a history query (such as the content of iframes as well as images) are included in the results. This is false by default.
maxResults unsigned long The maximum number of results to return. This doesn't work when sorting by title. The result is 0, which means that all results are returned.
originalTitle string Retrieves the original page title.
queryType unsigned short The type of search to use when querying the database. This attribute is only honored by query nodes. It's ignored for simple folder queries.
Both history and bookmarks (Not yet implemented -- see bug 378798)
resolveNullBookmarkTitles boolean If true, bookmarks with null titles get their page titles fetched from history if possible. This doesn't apply to bookmarks with empty titles. The default is false.
showSessions boolean If true, session information is used to group history items. This only makes a difference when sorting by date. The default is false.
sort unsigned short The sort order to use for the results.
Natural bookmark order
Sort by title, A-Z
Sort by title, Z-A
Sort by visit date, most recent last
Sort by visit date, most recent first
Sort by uri, A-Z
Sort by uri, Z-A
Sort by visit count, ascending
Sort by visit count, descending
Sort by keyword, A-Z
Sort by keyword, Z-A
Sort by date added, most recent last
Sort by date added, most recent first
Sort by last modified date, most recent last
Sort by last modified date, most recent first
Sort by tags, ascending
Sort by tags, descending
Sort by annotation, ascending
Sort by annotation, descending
sortingAnnotation string The annotation to use when sorting by annotation.
type unsigned short The type of results to return.
Results as URI ("URI" results, one for each URI visited in the range).
Results as visit ("visit" results, with one for each time a page was visited
this will often give you multiple results for one URI).
Results as full visits (like "visit", but returns all attributes for each result)
Results as date query (returns results for given date range)
Results as site query (returns last visit for each url in the given host)
Results as date+site query (returns list of hosts visited in the given period)
Results as tag query (returns list of bookmarks with the given tag)
Results as tag container (returns bookmarks with given tag; for same uri uses last modified. folder=tag_folder_id must be present in the query

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