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Tells the plug-in that a stream is about to be closed or destroyed.


#include <npapi.h>
NPError NPP_DestroyStream(NPP       instance, 
                           NPStream* stream, 
                           NPReason  reason);


The function has the following parameters:

Pointer to current plug-in instance.
Pointer to current stream.
Reason the stream was destroyed. Values:
  • NPRES_DONE (Most common): Completed normally; all data was sent to the instance.
  • NPRES_USER_BREAK: User canceled stream directly by clicking the Stop button or indirectly by some action such as deleting the instance or initiating higher-priority network operations.
  • NPRES_NETWORK_ERR: Stream failed due to problems with network, disk I/O, lack of memory, or other problems.


  • If successful, the plug-in should return NPERR_NO_ERROR.
  • If unsuccessful, the plug-in should return an error code. For possible values, see Error Codes.


The browser calls the NPP_DestroyStream function when a data stream sent to the plug-in is finished, either because it has completed successfully or terminated abnormally. After this, the browser deletes the NPStream object.

You should delete any private data allocated in stream->pdata at this time, and should not make any further references to the stream object.

See Also

NPP_NewStream, NPStream

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