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When first getting started as a contributor to the Mozilla project, there's a lot of information to sort through and understand. To help you find the most critical stuff as quickly as possible, we've created this list of the articles you'll find most useful as you get yourself oriented and make your first contributions to the project.

Also, before you go any further, we'd like to welcome you to the Mozilla community of developers! We look forward to your input!

Contributing to the Mozilla code base
The Mozilla community prides itself on being an open, accessible and friendly community for new participants. If you have any difficulties getting involved or finding answers to your questions, please bring those questions to the #introduction chat room on so that we can help you get started.
How to submit a patch
Submitting a patch and getting it reviewed and committed to the Mozilla source tree involves several steps; this article explains how.
Using the Mozilla build VM
If you ever wondered what contributing to Firefox feels like but you never had the time to read and follow through our instructions to setup a build environment or wanted to avoid making changes to your standard tools and configuration, then this might be for you. Mozilla provides a virtual machine (VM) which is compatible with the free VirtualBox virtualization software (as well as others, including VMWare/VMWare Fusion).

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