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Provides global deinitialization for a plug-in.


#include <npapi.h>
void NP_Shutdown(void);


#include <npapi.h>
void WINAPI NP_Shutdown(void);


The browser calls this function once after the last instance of your plug-in is destroyed, before unloading the plug-in library itself. Use NP_Shutdown to delete any data allocated in to be shared by all instances of a plug-in.

If you have defined a Java class for your plug-in, be sure to release it at this time so that Java can unload it and free up memory.

NOTE: If enough memory is available, the browser can keep the plug-in library loaded if it expects to create more instances in the near future. The browser calls NP_Shutdown only when the library is finally unloaded.

See also

, NPP_Destroy

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