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Template editing

On MDN, templates written in KumaScript are used to automate content generation and customization within pages. Each template is kept in a separate wiki page, with names of the form:

Anyone editing MDN wiki pages can invoke templates via macros.  Because of the power of KumaScript, creation and editing of templates is restricted to trusted users with the necessary experience.

Roles that have this permission

Conditions for gaining this permission

You can obtain access to this tool if you meet the following conditions:

  • You have a regular need for it, like creating new macros, fixing old ones, or localizing a lot of them.
  • You edit MDN on a regular basis, know how to code in JavaScript, and know the limitations and risks of KumaScript templates.
  • You are vouched by two "Template editing peers" and there is no veto from any of them.

See Requesting elevated privileges for the process for gaining this privilege.

Template editing peers

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